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  • UMU linane suvekomplekt
  • UMU roosa pluus ja püksid
  • UMU beežid linased püksid ja pluus
  • UMU linased püksid ja pluus
Special linen-blend clothes and many fresh shades are now available for a perfect summer.
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UMU linane komplekt
UMU is an Estonian clothing brand where garments are made to order using high-quality materials and skilled local artisans. This way, we can support local economy, reduce overproduction, ensure higher product quality, and promote sustainability. You can also request small customizations for your products making them truly yours.
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A huge thank you for this dress! I haven't had such a beautiful and well-fitting dress in a long time! I'm so happy. I was very worried when I started trying it on, thinking what if it doesn't fit, what then 😄 But it was for nothing! So beautiful! 🙂 Thank you!
I received the package yesterday ❤️ Everything fit perfectly! You can immediately feel that it was sewn with heart 😇, and the material is wonderful.
I received your order and I am very pleased. The size, overall look, and everything else I expected was matched in reality! Excellent!
I received my order today. I am satisfied and even more than that: I am thrilled, if not enchanted. Truly 😄 As a poor wordsmith, all I can say is a BIG, BIG THANK YOU!
I am very grateful for the dress; it has become my absolute favorite!
Thank you for the dresses! They are very cool and well-made, with a comfortable, body-friendly material.
I received the dress! I've never had such a comfortable dress before! I was a bit nervous about ordering online,but everything is perfect! A big thank you!