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UMU velvet dress Spin & Sparkle in navy blue
UMU is a Nordic clothing brand where clothes are made to order using high-quality materials and skilled local tailors. This way, we can support our economy, reduce overproduction, ensure higher quality and sustainability of products. You can also request small customizations for your clothes and know that they are made with you in mind.
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On the Go Jacket - in Black from UMU

On The Go Jacket

A kimono-inspired jacket that pairs well with both a dress or trousers. The jacket features two front pockets and a wide belt. Thanks to its slim sleeves, it's comfortable to wear also under a coat or a jacket. Suitable for any occasion - throw it on when heading to the theater, making a quick trip to the market, or while traveling.
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UMU Prime Time Dress in Dark Green

Prime Time Dress

An elegant midi-length dress that can be worn in several ways – with a belt, without a belt, with the sleeves rolled up, or as half-length sleeves. The dress features sunray-like details on the shoulders and two side pockets in the front. Thanks to its beautiful cut, it is suitable for the office, going out, or a slightly more formal family event.
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Wowsers Trousers in Black - UMU

Wowsers Trousers

These trendy pants are made from a stylish and exceptionally comfortable material. They feature a slightly wider leg cut and a comfortable length that leaves the ankles visible. The legs have seams both in the front and back, and the pants have a wide elastic waistband and two front pockets.
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As Comfy As Gets - UMU petrol dress

As Comfy As Gets Dress

A comfortably loose-fitting dress with a V-neck and pockets, featuring a slit on one side and snug three-quarter length sleeves to fit comfortably under a jacket or sweater. A versatile dress that can be worn anywhere with the right accessories.
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Shine Away Jacket in Navy Velvet by UMU


This ultra-soft velvet set will quickly become a favorite! It's suitable for wearing anywhere you need to go or anything you need to do – whether hosting a cozy dinner for friends at home, visiting someone, going to a café, or enjoying a theater performance.
Thank you so much for this dress! I haven't had such a beautiful and at the same time such a well-fitting dress in a long time! I'm very happy, I was afraid when I started trying it on that WHAT IF it didn't fit 😄 But in vain! So beautiful! 🙂 Thank you!
Dear UMU! I received the delivery yesterday❣️Everything fit perfectly! You can immediately feel that it is sewn from the heart😇, nice material.
I received your order and I am very satisfied. The size, overall look and everything else I expected corresponded to reality! Excellent! I will definitely order something in the future if I need anything, it's an Estonian brand after all. 😊
I received my order today. You're hoping I am satisfied with the order? Darlings, of course, I am!!! More than that: I'm thrilled, if not fascinated. Really 😄 As a poor wordsmith, I can't say anything other than a BIG, BIG THANK YOU!
I am very grateful for the dress, it is my absolute favorite!
Thanks for the dresses! Very cool dresses and high-quality sewn, nice body-friendly material.
I got the dress! I have never had such a comfortable dress! I was also a bit worried about ordering online and whether it would fit and for me it was a bit expensive. But everything is great! Thank you very much! I will definitely order from you in the future, not too often, but I will. Please hang in there and don't go anywhere!
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